Heritage Plus Distribution Co.

Committed To Serve

Our strong bonds with our client partners have endured and strengthened over the years through our ability to meet their service and quality needs at prices they find affordable.


Heritage Plus Distribution Co. Limited is a Limited company in Uganda that has existed since 2015 but dully incorporated in 2019 to mainly undertake various Businesses including General Supplies; Branding, Printing, Stationery, Personal Protective Equipment, Corporate Wear and Uniforms, Food Stuff, Livestock) and many others in the supply industry 

The Company has so far grown into a much desired entity with a solid clientele base in and outside the country and prospects of expanding into a much bigger and export company.

Heritage Plus Distribution Co. Limited has been building its international reputation for innovation and quality in the import/export and marketing of East African Food Produce such as, maize flour, dry beans, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Our Headquarter is at Plot 5/6 Cooper Road, The Cube Building, Kampala-Uganda. We continuously strive to be a premiere diversified international company, delivering a commitment of quality supplies with good prices and a high level of customer service that no one else can match, in a culture that is performance driven.

We offer High end Products.

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To be a relevant partner to our customers through provision of quality services and products.


  • Service delivery
  • Job creation
  • Customer satisfaction

Vision Statement

To be the most preferred customer centric entity within Uganda and beyond where customers can find suitable solutions to their needs.


  • To satisfactorily meet the needs of all our clients in the General supplies; General Supplies; Branding, Printing, Stationery, Personal Protective Equipment, Corporate Wear and Uniforms, Food Stuff, Livestock  and many others in the supply industry in regards to quality, time and cost.

  • Make timely communication with all project stakeholders, Track and record project progress and adjust where applicable

  • To provide first class supply services to both public and private sector.


Core Values

  • Quality.
    We serve all our clients with a high level conformance to standards that meet their expectations.

  • Customer centric.
    We consider our customers as a number one business factor and we provide a positive experience and build long-term relationship with them.

  • Accountability.
    We value the ability of our staff  and our commitments to our clients and to each other.
    We take ownership and charge of our work and promptly correct mistakes to the greatest extent possible.

  • Timeliness.
    We work and deliver our tasks in the agreed period of time and We always beat our deadlines.

  • Sustainability.
    We incite transparency, reliability and measurable approaches to all our activities.

Partnership with staff .

At Heritage Plus Distribution Co. Limited, we aim at providing a conducive, healthy and safe working environment where employees work as a team and develop as individuals. Staffs are regarded as the company’s greatest asset. Our staff comes from diverse racial, cultural and religious backgrounds which broadly reflect the demographics of the country.

The environment at Heritage Plus Distribution Co. Limited recognizes this diversity and channels the energy of staff to work towards our common Vision of “Committed To Serve”.

Our Human Resources Policy is compliant with existing legislative requirements and is consistent and fair.

How it works?


Timely Response

We are committed to response to your enquiry within 1 working day.


Quality Assurance

All products undergo stringent quality check before delivery is made.


Competitive Pricing

Our cost leadership strategy will ensure that the quality products you purchased achieve value for your money.

Trusted & loved by

Our customers' profiles are diverse, ranging from multi- national companies to public-listed companies to trading companies. Some of the brands and specialty products we market today are among some of the quality products we imported for our dedicated customers. Some of our customers are as follows:

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